STRIVE 4 SUCCESS Scholarship

The StriveNation 4 Success Scholarship Program is designed to provide several deserving students attending universities up to $500 to assist them in reaching their individual vision of collegiate success. Applicants are evaluated based on academic performance and financial need. To seek opportunity for one of the scholarships, please click the link below to apply. Take a look at our first recipient for our Annual Fall Scholarship.




STRIVE University

Strive University’s ultimate goal is to encourage young male students to become socially aware of who they are, help them realize how the choices and plans they make today can influence their future. Strive University is dedicated to preparing our youth to reach their individual vision of excellence. Strive University provides multiple mentors, programs, and courses that will assist in personal development no matter what their individual vision of excellence is.


Through Strive University, students will learn things such as self-worth, interview preparation, dressing for success, the importance of education, political views, financial literacy, investing back into your community and many other positive aspects of life. For students who are high school juniors and seniors, after analyzing the students’ final Grade Point Average and SAT/ACT scores, we will guide the future scholars in the selection of a major and school best suitable to continue their academic, athletic, or entrepreneurial career. 

To get started with the scholarship process, you will be required to watch different videos and give responses to some of the topics listed above. You can find the link to those videos below:



STRIVE 4 Ownership LLC Grant

StriveNation is also looking to sponsor the startup of a brand new business with the STRIVE 4 Ownership LLC Grant. Entrepreneurs with great ideas will compete in a competition to express their new start up to our directors. We will select a business to sponsor by paying their initial government fees. For more details, please click the button below.


Year Round Mentorship

StriveNation will provide yearly mentorship to ensure each students behavior and grades exceed standard expectations. Our mentors will come from college students, volunteers, teachers, and/or entrepreneurs that specialize in specific subjects or areas of life geared towards each student’s goals. We understand that great role models have a major impact in your pathway to success. If you know areas where there is a need for mentors and volunteers, please click the button below.